As promised, we have now launched your new, feature-packed Arken Dealer Portal at No need to register for anything – you already have full access with your email address.

Here’s a look at some of your new Dealer Portal features:

1. 30-100% Guaranteed ROI (for details, visit your MAP tab).
2. Shipping/Insurance Included – The price you see is the price you pay for inventory. No additional fees for shipping or insurance.
3. Calculated Pricing – Did you just add a quantity-qualifying product? Excellent! Your pricing adjustments will be made on Product pages and your cart automatically as you build your order.
4. ACH Payments – Don’t feel like sending money to Visa/MC/AMEX? That’s fine with us, we don’t either! You can now complete your order with ACH Bank Transfer instead of Credit/Debit Card.
5. PDF Invoices – keep the bean counters happy! Every order will be available as a downloadable PDF invoice in your Order History tab.
6. Email Login – reducing hacker’s capability to gain access to your information, also provides an opportunity to provide vital, up-to-date information to all our Dealers upon return.
Even more features that will be activated ASAP:
  • 30 Day/12 Month Term Payment Options
  • Graphic Library (Digital Ads, Banners, Signage, Screenprint, Embroidery, etc.)
  • Points Program (to earn complimentary gear, inventory, etc.)
  • Certified Arken Dealer E-Course Curriculum

3 thoughts on “A Tour Of Your New Dealer Portal

  1. PJ's Air Sports says:

    New Dealer here amazed at the ease of ordering, communication emails and speed of this system and shipping updates super easy and intuitive . Super stoked to be doing business with Arken!! Glad to be here.

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